Most people tend to think of office trailers as something that is used only at construction sites. The truth is that churches, schools, and community organizations can all benefit from using them in a number of ways.

Benefits for Churches

Not all churches have dedicated office space for their pastor or secretary. These churches often find that an office trailer provides them the space they need at an affordable price. An office trailer also provides a bit more privacy than a traditional office would, leaving people more at ease whenever they need spiritual counseling about a personal matter.

Churches may also find office trailers useful for:

  • Sunday school classrooms
  • Fellowship/meeting areas
  • Additional storage space


It’s not unusual for schools to see a sudden surge in enrollment, leaving them with an inadequate amount of classroom space. Constructing new facilities takes time; however, a portable office trailer can temporarily solve this dilemma by providing the additional space that’s needed while expansion is ongoing. Many new private schools choose office trailers during their startup, because they recognize that doing so is a very cost-effective way to establish themselves.

Schools can also benefit by hosting their music programs inside an office trailer. That way, students can learn to play new instruments in a safe environment where others cannot hear their mistakes. Choir directors will also find it easier to rehearse for musicals or other major productions.

Community Organizations

Community organizations such as neighborhood watch groups, homeowner association committees, and volunteer firefighters often lack a place to get together. Buying or renting an existing facility is often out of reach for them financially, which is why many turn to portable office trailers. These trailers come with affordable monthly payments, making them ideal for groups that operate on a very limited budget. They also make it easier to safeguard paperwork and equipment, things that might easily get lost or damaged if volunteers were responsible for them.

These are just a few of the ways in which office trailers can benefit churches, schools, and community organizations. Representatives of these groups are encouraged to contact Cassone Leasing to find out how their portable office trailers might benefit them.