Most construction sites aren’t exactly the most environmentally friendly areas. Land excavation, debris and loose materials and even noise pollution can negatively impact the immediate vicinity. Contractors can still do their part, however, to contribute to on-site environmental integrity. This may be achieved even by the most seemingly inconsequential thing: the construction trailer. How can a trailer possibly improve the environment? By making their portable office energy-efficient.

There are a handful of changes that can be made to a construction trailer to save energy and keep overhead costs down:

  • Switch out light bulbs. Change all the light bulbs to low wattage, compact fluorescent or LED versions. Updating the light fixtures to eco-friendly models helps save energy, too.
  • Seal holes and cracks. Inspect the trailer for cracks where air can leak out — pay special attention to the roof, windows and door frames. Use weatherstripping or a sealant on cracks. Energy-efficient window replacements may be installed, as well.
  • Keep out the sun. Apply solar film or install solar shades to reduce UV glare and indoor temperature. In turn, cooling costs will decrease.
  • Apply solar-reflective paint. Another way to ward off heat and cool down the interior is to coat the trailer’s siding and skirting with solar-reflective paint.
  • Use low-flow fixtures. For construction trailers with bathroom and kitchen facilities, install low-flow toilets, faucets and appliances to reduce water consumption.

Put these energy-saving ideas into practice and you’ll notice a difference in your utility bill. Supplement the efforts put into creating an energy-efficient construction trailer by recycling old, unused materials.

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