Custom Work, Office, and Construction Trailer

Cassone’s modular building systems and storage containers give you unlimited options when it comes to the scope of your project. Cassone’s structures range from small single units to multi-story complexes. We serve an array of businesses across a variety of industries. You can choose temporary structures or work trailers, or opt for a permanent modular building. Cassone can also customize its structures with amenities such as electricity, heating and air conditioning, as well as custom-built interior and exterior finishes. Our custom office trailers are equipped with built-in heating and air conditioning, fluorescent lighting, and electrical systems.

Our custom office trailers for sale are designed to provide you with comfort and allows you to keep on-site construction costs down. If you’re unsure about what we can offer, we can provide you with custom office trailers for rent, which are great for transitioning to a new place in New York City or Long Island.  A custom work trailer is ideal for everyone.

Click here for examples of how Cassone’s structures have been customized to suit a wide variety of applications. We also offer moving cubicles to further customize an area to make it as large—or small—as you need. Customize your area for privacy and freedom while not having to pay for a contractor to build or tear down permanent walls. You can also continue to conduct business without disruption. The movable cubicle walls—much like our modular units and construction trailers—can be set up quickly. It is also easy to route data cables and cords through the panel’s interior.

Contact Cassone so our custom work, office and construction trailer specialists can detail how we will build to your specifications. We will guide you through every step of the process—from conception to finished product. The possibilities are endless!

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