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Let Cassone help ease any concerns you may have about controlling access to events, communities, facilities, or parking areas. Security Guard booths and shacks are available as free-standing structures or can be built to your exact specifications. These structures will support 24/17 watch over areas such as public parking lots, schools, private companies, and neighborhoods. Now more than ever, security is a major concern and should be taken seriously. Never has it been more important to ensure the safety of the public as they go about their daily lives.

Additional portable security applications include command centers, checkpoints, toll booths, detention centers, courtrooms—and even police and fire stations. Fortunately, the flexibility of modular building allows them to serve as any of these structures. They can also house security personnel, first-aid areas, and a protective shelter for people during risky situations or high-profile people who might require additional security.

Security can also refer to safeguarding valuables. Cassone’s outdoor storage units have a durable locking mechanism—which makes it virtually impossible for trespassers to secure your property. We also have record storage units that are constructed of heavy-duty corrugated steel and tightly sealed. We are available to answer any questions and concerns you may have about security structures and the safekeeping of valuables and records.

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