An office trailer can offer a unique solution to your business needs. Whether you are looking for a permanent mobile office or a temporary solution, an office trailer is a professional and portable building, suited to fit the bill. Office trailers come in new or used condition and all shapes and sizes. Cassone would like to offer you some tips about how to choose the mobile office option that is right for you.

Size Does Matter

A cramped working space is no good for productivity, but wasted space is an unnecessary cost and the larger the size the more difficulty you will have in quick transport and location requirements. First consider your business needs:

  • How many employees will occupy the space regularly?
  • Will your mobile office hold regular clients?
  • What desks, filing cabinets and storage will you need?

While the right size also varies with the material storage, an average sizing chart considers:

  • 1-3 people = 8x16’ to 8x30’ trailer
  • 3-5 people = 10x30’ to 12x40’ trailer
  • 6-10 people = 14x66’ to 24x60’ trailer
  • 10-12 people = 24x60’ to 28x64’ trailer

Office trailers need to be placed on a flat surface. Your space must also have adequate truck access for your office delivery.

Further Accommodations

Will you need a bathroom, air conditioning or heating? These are all possible features you may want to include in your mobile business trailer. Cooking spaces, shower rooms and other amenities may be helpful depending on your workspace needs. Storage, desk space and private offices are also options that vary by trailer.

Appearance and Longevity

The interior design and exterior appearance of your office is important to the professional standards of your business. Choose a trailer made of strong and durable material to last in extreme weather.

The office trailers available are readily accessible to your business and can fit within any budget. Consider your business needs and look for a mobile office today!