The workforce of any given business ebbs and flows with the economy. What doesn’t — or can’t — change is the location of a business’s office. Moving from a large office space to a smaller one to keep up with the fluctuations in personnel, and vice-versa, is a costly endeavor and may not be in the company budget. To accommodate a shrinking staff, or to anticipate the growth of employees coming on board, without having to change locations, installing movable cubicle walls is the answer.

Movable cubicle walls allow you to modify office space as you see fit. Make an area as big or small as you need — the possibilities are endless. In addition to creating a combination of area sizes, movable cubicle walls provide:

  • Privacy. The movable walls supply insulation so that noise is kept from traveling across the room, preserving people’s concentration.
  • Freedom. You are not bound by building permits on how you want to organize floor space. The walls can be reconfigured at any time, as often as you wish.
  • Money savings. With movable walls, you won’t have to hire contractors to build or tear down permanent walls on the premises. Also, office staff won’t be disrupted by loud, messy construction.
  • Ease of installation. Movable cubicle walls may be erected quickly, as the panels are pre-fabricated. Data cables and cords can be routed through the panels’ interior, complete with electrical outlets.
  • Sustainability. Save on parts, labor and landfill waste. Because movable cubicle walls are reusable, they are environmentally friendly.

Movable cubicle walls is a viable solution for office space concerns. Cassone can help you solve those office floor space issues, with container offices, modular buildings and a selection of office furniture that includes movable cubicle walls. Contact us at 1-800-947-1334 to begin designing your office the way you want.