Going Green with Modular Buildings

Green building designs aren’t just about using environmentally friendly materials and solar panels – the placement and underlying construction also needs to be taken into account as well. That’s why we believe that modular buildings offer an alternative to traditional construction that’s not only more affordable, but more environmentally responsible as well.

The Impact of Construction

Any modern building is just the visible portion of a much larger construction project. Under and around the modern building is a set of subsystems that provide power, electrical, and plumbing to the building, not to mention the structural integrity of the building itself. All of these systems, in a traditional construction environment, require digging and trenching of the necessary conduits and pipes, and this infrastructure typically creates a massive impact to the surrounding environment. Tree removal, wetland drainage, and other environmental impacts are common in traditional building construction.

Modular structures, by design, don’t require fixed or embedded foundations, which in turn not only creates a smaller environmental impact, but also requires a far small construction crew, which brings even more benefits from an environmental perspective. Impacts to the surrounding landscape is minimized, and is limited only to the needs of the modular structure, which is far less than the average traditional building.

Power and Water Impacts

Just as modular buildings have a smaller footprint than traditional structures, they also require much less supporting infrastructure, utilize a much smaller footprint, and have much smaller environmental impacts. Water and sewage infrastructure in modular structures is usually self-contained, and power and communication lines are either run in shallow conduit or on aerials, further reducing the need for trenching or boring, and lessening the environmental impact.

Working with Cassone Leasing Inc.

At Cassone Leasing, we understand modular buildings and their value. Cassone Leasing is experienced in the design and construction of modular buildings, and we have the awards to prove it. We provide a range of modular structures, including ground level and stackable storage containers, standard and field office trailers, storage trailers, and many other types of modular structures.

Cassone Leasing also understands how to help your organization lease or finance your modular structure, and we offer a range of purchase, lease and financing options.

If you want to explore the value of modular buildings and see how they can benefit your company, contact Cassone Leasing today to schedule an appointment.