Nowadays libraries are in crisis. Due to the economic recession, library doors are being closed across the nation as budget cuts limit funding for this important resource. Couple that with the advent and explosion of eBooks, and librarians throughout the US are searching for ways to keep up with the times. One such way is to create mini-libraries using office trailers.


Book mobiles have been around for decades, providing books to communities via the back door of a minivan or bus that has been transformed with bookshelves and card catalogs. Take this idea a step further by meshing a book mobile with a stationary library. By using a trailer house to establish a smaller than usual library, you can reduce building costs for a brick and mortar library location. Additionally, if you find that your trailer based library needs to find a new home, it can easily be transported.

Supplementing Communities

For communities that are seasonal, such as migrant worker families in agricultural communities, this type of library provides an ideal situation for learning. Office trailers can be used to provide reading materials and learning resources when a community is in the area. Afterward the trailer can easily be locked up for the off-season or transported to another community in need of a library. Rural areas that do not have a public or private library to access can benefit from having a library in a mobile office. Using a trailer unit saves these communities a great deal on funding, while offering small populations with books, computer access, Wi-Fi capabilities, and a safe place to establish a sense of community.