It’s becoming commonplace now to drive by a school and see a cluster of white modular trailers situated off to the side of the main building. Usually, the use of these portable classrooms is a result of overcrowding in that particular school. As more families with children move into certain districts with schools that can hold only so many pupils, an increasing number of education systems are embracing portable classrooms as a means to accommodate the ever-growing student body.

Aside from simply rising enrollment rates, there are a few other factors that affect why schools are overcrowded. Budget cuts that squelch the opportunity for school building expansion, state-mandated class sizes and older schools with facilities in disrepair also contribute to overcapacity on campus. Portable classrooms help ease the effects of a congested school, and the benefits are immeasurable. Reasons why modular buildings are preferred include:

  • Cost-effectiveness. Portable classrooms are an inexpensive resolution to a temporary problem of overcrowding.
  • Flexibility. Whether it’s months or years, a portable classroom can be used fluidly to change with the school’s needs. If necessary, permanent modular classrooms can be built into any shape, size and color to match the original school building, as either a standalone or a connection to the existing structure.
  • Time. Portable classrooms can be ready for use in a matter of weeks — much quicker than it would take to construct a new building or addition.
  • Minimal disruption. Most of the materials for a modular classroom are prefabricated off-site, and on-site construction requires negligible assembly. Order on the school campus can be maintained, as there is less noise associated with the construction of a portable classroom.

The goal of portable classrooms is to provide a comfortable environment that is conducive to students learning. Call Cassone at 1-800-947-1334 or contact us online to inquire about class overflow solutions for your school.