As the population rises and education becomes an increasingly stressed issue in the United States, so too is the average American classroom increasing in density. Unfortunately, there are limits to any facility. Students are not stacks of paper that can be thrown into manila folders and shoved into filing cabinets, nor are they electronic documents to be stored onto a hard drive ad-infinitum. If overpopulated classrooms and lack of space in which to facilitate quality learning is a school’s problem, then Cassone’s portable classrooms are a definitive solution. Our portable classrooms give schools the opportunity to take advantage of outdoor campus space, turning strips of bare blacktop into comfortable learning environments for both students and teachers.

There are several reasons why a school might need one of our portable classrooms. A classroom or perhaps even an entire department might be overflowing with students and need to be divided. Additional construction onto an existing building can be incredibly expensive, and why pay so much to expand a facility when you can have a clean and fully-functioning portable classroom on your campus for a fraction of the price and without having to wait through what could be a long period of construction?

Another reason to avoid construction on school grounds is that construction may—and very often does—involve hazards such as debris, dust, chemicals, and a constantly changing environment involving construction equipment and processes that can harm students if they are not completely attentive to their safety. Cassone’s portable classrooms avoid these dangers with quick installation, a minimum of modification, and no debris to endanger students. Additionally, construction is always a very loud and noisy process that can be highly disruptive to students and teachers. With a portable classroom, you won’t have to suffer through the noise pollution of power tools, large construction vehicles, and other cacophonous sounds of the construction process. Our portable classrooms keep your campus quiet and allow it to run as smoothly as it always has.

Another reason to consider a portable classroom is that often faculty on a campus has to increase, but this does not mean that space itself can afford to increase. Which would be easier: going through the trials, tribulations, and costs of construction mentioned above or giving your faculty a comfortable, climate controlled, and fully-functioning workspace in a fraction of the time and price with a portable classroom?

Finally, schools with expanding student bodies need more than just additional classrooms to satisfy both students and faculty. They also need extra rooms for storage of teaching and administrative materials as well as extra rooms that allow for multiple school and after-school activities to take place. Our portable classrooms can also function as storage facilities and multipurpose rooms that will keep your campus active, organized, and optimized for quality education.

As you can see, Cassone’s portable classrooms are a solution for an expanding school at a fraction the price and time of traditional building construction. Our fully-functioning portable classrooms will keep your faculty and students comfortable and able to perform at their best. Click here to learn more about Cassone’s portable classrooms and let us give you the space you need with the quality your students and faculty deserve.