When you think of portable office buildings, your mind usually is drawn to constructions sites and overcrowded schools. However, mobile offices, both temporary and permanent, may be used under numerous conditions across several industries. From hospitals to hiring stations, concerts to emergency response sites, any company has the capacity to set up shop virtually anywhere. A few examples of portable office building applications include:

Disaster recovery. For moments when time is of the essence, a portable office can be constructed quickly. Organize action plans, process claims and have an all-around home base so that relief efforts run smoothly.

Healthcare. Traveling doctors and nurses who treat patients in remote locales and disaster relief or other emergency situations benefit from mobile workstations. The sturdy structure is also suited for storing medical supplies and records and can withstand harsh weather.

Special events and entertainment. Outdoor concerts, sporting events and even movie production sets use portable office buildings to provide comfortable shelter and workspace in the form of ticket booths, concession stands, press boxes and dressing room trailers.

Sales and staffing. Your permanent office building hasn’t completed construction yet, and you need to recruit new employees. A mobile workplace helps you get the job done without missing a single business day.

Security. Round-the-clock watch is possible with an on-site station for security guards at public parking lots, private businesses, neighborhoods and schools, and even prisons.

Would you be able to utilize a mobile office for your commerce or service? If so, call Cassone at 1-800-947-1334 to discuss your office space needs with one of our knowledgeable salespeople. Our inventory of portable office buildings for rent or sale are customizable and may include awnings, electricity, heating and air conditioning, ramps, restrooms and many more add-ons and amenities.