Enterprise Rent-A-Car

One of the most important pillars at Cassone is delivering award-winning service with professionals who can create your custom unit while being as cost-effective and efficient as possible. Cassone’s permanent and temporary projects range in a wide variety of sizes, functions, multi-story, as well as permanent or temporary.

Cassone created this customized modular building for Enterprise Rent-A-Car located in Stratford, Connecticut. Upon entering the building, guests are welcomed to an open carpeted area with a plethora of chairs provided as well as other office furniture. Each office in this unit comes with a window and all necessary furniture to ensure diligent work is being done without feeling compacted. Each room fits three to four chairs along with a “L” shaped desk and a filing cabinet. At Cassone, we don’t only create high quality custom office trailers units, we can also furnish these units as well through rental, purchase or financing options.

As a hands-on, family-owned company, we strive to go above and beyond as we work with our customers on their modular building projects. Contact us today to see how we have serve your business!