Kirby Offshore Marine #2

Whether you want your mobile office unit to be permanent or temporary, Cassone specializes in customizing your office trailer unit to your exact specifications. This particular model was custom made for Kirby Offshore Marine Co. located in Staten Island, New York. This is the second office trailer made for this corporation and it is equipped with all the necessary components to run a smooth and successful business.

This building is featured in light grey wood textured siding with a dark grey border, giving the building a professional feel and matching the other Cassone custom modular building on the property. It also features large and narrow windows along the sides of the building to bring in the perfect amount of sunlight. Upon entering the building a client is welcomed into a large and open carpeted receptionist area, in which there are four attached offices. Each office unit comes with built-in heating and air conditioning and also features fluorescent lighting with full electrical system. Each room features two windows for sufficient sunlight is spacious and able to hold multiple sets of furniture without feeling cramped or uncomfortable.

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