Private School

As a private school in upstate New York started hiring more teachers, space was getting limited and more cramped. Looking to build a larger teachers’ lounge, the school inquired about a custom build from Cassone. The perfectly sized add-on was built alongside the existing building without looking out of place. Cassone worked with the school to create a design that looked good and matched the brick on the existing building.

The add-on was the exact size that the school needed to fit couches, chairs, tables, appliances –anything to make their teachers’ lounge feel comfortable. Not only did the teachers love their new space, but the administration was happy with how cost-effective the addition was. With Cassone’s extensive history of working in the educations system and community, they understand how school budgets can be. Therefore, they make it easy for their clients, offering payment plans that work for everyone so that you never have to worry about money.