Quaker Green Leasing Office Trailer

While Cassone offers ground level containers and products that you would normally see in a construction type setting, we also manufacture Custom Signature Series trailers that can meet the needs of any specific project. For Quaker Green’s leasing office, Cassone built a stylish office trailer in West Hartford, CT to welcome potential buyers to the construction site for the beautiful condominiums that were in progress.

Custom signature series trailers can be tailored to meet the specifications for almost any layout plan of any size. For Quaker Green, the layered siding along with the office front windows give the modular building a home like feel. The white pillars and awning over the door along with the brick border around the door also enhance the home theme. Taking a step inside, it becomes easy to forget that you’re in a portable office trailer! The finished wood floor along with cabinets, chairs and home décor really amp up the “in home” feeling. Along with a full bathroom, this particular unit also has a furnished kitchen with an oven, microwave and dishwasher as well as marble counter tops. Employees have the luxury of having access to all of these amenities in their workplace, and clients would easily appreciate the kind of hospitality a custom office trailer can offer, which will help make a lasting impression.

No matter what type of industry, a Cassone Custom Signature Series office trailer is an extremely cost effective way to open up a temporary sales office without compromising on looks or functionality.