Technology is one of the most rapidly developing aspects of modern times. From the advent of personal computers only a few decades ago to the emergence of Google Glass we continue to advance technologically even in the wake of a global recession. One way to provide tech services and resources for communities that are otherwise under-served is via mobile office trailers. These units provide both the security and tech capabilities needed at an affordable cost for these communities.

Tech Offerings

Some communities, like rural areas or inner cities, are limited in funding for technology. However, that should not limit children and adults interested in using tech devices, such as computers, smart phones and eReaders. In fact, most jobs and educational opportunities today require some use of technology, particularly in computers and the Internet. Provide your community with a secure place to go to find up to date computer technology including scanners and printers with the aid of a trailer unit. Trailers can be fitted with the electrical wiring systems needed for running multiple computers and other devices. Additionally, you can create Internet access either via Wi-Fi or a more secure landline in a trailer by contacting your local Internet provider.

Educational Expansion

In addition to offering the software and equipment to your community via mobile office trailers, you can also increase their skill set. Use your office trailer as a place to host webinars and tech classes to increase the capabilities of your community. For example, you can host classes for basic document creation, photo editing, social media use, or free online college courses in a tech trailer. By having the equipment on hand during your presentations, individuals have the perfect environment for learning and using technology.