Mobile office trailers provide good looking, affordable, easy to use office space for a wide range of companies. However, it is important for these trailers to be set up properly if they are to provide an adequate work environment. Following are three things that every business should know about setting up one or more office trailers.

Level the Ground

The ground must be level before the office trailer is brought in. Uneven ground will ruin the company work environment almost faster than anything else. It will also showcase your business in a bad light, as potential clients will not want to work with a company that obviously does not pay attention to small yet important details.


Ideally, a company should rent or purchase trailers that are set up for internet use. While such trailers are costlier than trailers without wiring, they will save a business owner the time and hassle of hiring an electrician and/or technician to wire the unit.


Never take mobile office plumbing for granted. Mobile office trailers must either be connected to the sewer line or having a holding tank installed; they do not come with “ready-made” plumbing that works the same as a home plumbing set-up.

Before renting an office trailer, find a plumber who is experienced with office trailer plumbing hook-ups and holding tank installation. Have the plumber come to the site to see which type of arrangement would be the best option for trailers in terms of both efficiency and cost.

Taking the time to choose the right mobile office trailers for your company is very important. However, it is equally important to ensure that these trailers are properly set up. Attention to details such as the ones outlined above will ensure your business is able to run smoothly and in compliance with local and federal laws. It also provides company employees with the working environment they need in order to be happy and productive.