The cost of renting office trailers will depend on many factors. These include which company the trailers are rented from, how long the trailers are rented for, the size and type of trailers rented, etc. Thankfully, no matter what type of office trailer is being rented from Cassone, it is possible for a company to save money by taking the steps outlined below.

Pay Attention to Insulation

Insulation (or the lack of it) will have a large bearing on the company’s energy bill. When possible, rent a trailer that has proper insulation and an efficient central HVAC unit. If such a trailer is out of your price range, take simple measures such as covering the windows with clear plastic and installing under door weather stripping.

The location where the trailer is parked will also have a bearing on how much energy is used for heating and cooling. A company owner who can choose where to park the trailer should pick a spot that is not too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.


If a portion of the office trailer is used for storage and/or is used by a colleague who only comes to the office part time, then invest in a simple partition. Doing so can save a lot of money that would have otherwise been spent on a high energy bill.

Write it off

Many business expenses can be written off at tax time. While laws vary depending on how, when and where the trailer is used, a company owner who uses office trailers solely for business purposes can claim deductions. It is also possible to claim deductions on the cost of purchasing and installing equipment for the trailer.

Using rental office trailers does not necessarily have to be expensive. A business owner who implements the tips outlined above can not only save a considerable amount of money but create a more pleasant and enjoyable work environment for everyone.