More than Barbed Wire

Today’s cowboys are wired in more ways than the traditional fencing they are known for. Modern ranching uses a number of high tech devices and techniques to keep control of the huge herds now kept on large commercial ranches. To manage these devices and the cows many ranchers now have mobile office trailers they use as something like a command center, moving with their mobile herds.

These office trailers are often quite fancy, equipped with all the necessities and even a few luxuries. Almost all of these rugged offices-on-wheels have high speed internet service from satellites and sophisticated wireless capabilities. Constant communications allows everything from monitoring markets to updating ranch maintenance work.

A Variety of Applications

With the many technologies available today to aid in ranching, these office trailers are almost essential in many areas of the country. Individual cows often have RFID tags or other electronic identifiers that are monitored from equipment in the trailers. Additionally, everything from grazing to branding to extra feed is controlled electronically. The modern cowboy can learn as much and more from sitting in his office chair as he used to from his saddle.

What makes these mobile offices so valuable to ranchers is the ability to cover large areas effectively. Many commercial operations have multiple grazing areas and have a need to monitor the activities constantly. Having a mobile office trailer and its communications capabilities offers year round, all weather convenience to the ranch hands tasked with the responsibility of each herd.

Just makes you wonder how Gil Favor of Rawhide would have enjoyed having his private office trailer. Certainly, the modern rancher has some great tools available to get the difficult job done more easily.