When a permanent building undergoes construction, the development wreaks havoc onthe environment. Often, razing irreparably disrupts the land, materials are manufacturedfrom non-renewable resources, and waste is non-recyclable. Moreover, once construction iscomplete, the building continues to sap energy via electricity, water usage and heavy-dutyHVAC systems. Is it possible to create a workspace that saves energy, as well as theenvironment? It is achievable, and the answer may be found in used portable buildings.These structures prove to be a green alternative to permanent brick-and-mortar buildings.

The most compelling way modular structures are eco-friendly is that the construction andinstallation processes are sustainable from beginning to end. Building assembly takes placeat the manufacturer’s site, after which the finished product is brought to its final destinationwith the customer. Instead of trucks making multiple trips to drop off raw materials fromsuppliers to the construction site, only one trip is needed to deliver a portable office. Lessfuel, more green.

Technology on modular buildings has made leaps and bounds. Now these structures aredesigned to incorporate energy-saving principles. Steel frames are insulated, and airtightassembly ensures the building upholds high standards of air permeability and thermal efficiency.Additionally, the option to include restrooms, kitchens, cubicles and classrooms turns portablebuildings into bona fide places of business.

The ability to rent or purchase used portable buildings takes environmental friendliness to thenext level. That is one less set of materials that need to be manufactured. Occupying a usededifice saves money on the front end, while the building’s energy efficiency saves money forthe long-term. Furthermore, when you no longer need the building, the structure can bequickly disassembled and recycled.

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