Construction companies and contractors have been on to a concept that has grown in popularity these past few years: the use of temporary office space. We’ve all seen the mobile office trailers perched at construction sites, and they actually serve a functional purpose with a multitude of advantages. Here is why these temporary office buildings are ideal for construction sites:

  • Office trailers are delivered directly to the construction site, meaning complicated logistics and waiting for a building to be assembled are not issues.
  • Simple yet sturdy design makes the on-site office trailer an affordable option for strictly utilitarian use.
  • Some mobile office trailers have a self-contained water source, so there is no need to dig for water and sewer lines. Restroom and kitchen facilities are within reach.
  • On-site trailers permit project managers to oversee the construction progress, while they also have the luxury of an office to conduct business matters in an environment away from noise pollution.
  • Office trailers are environmentally friendly, as no assembly is required, and there are no
    building materials to waste. You can also make them very energy efficient.
  • When one construction job is completed, the office trailer can simply move on to the next project — no building leases to break. This keeps moving costs at a minimum.

Because construction sites are usually located on land that is not yet developed, it is virtually impossible — not to mention impractical — for contractors to set up office space in a permanent structure. Mobile office trailers offer a brand of flexibility that other temporary office solutions are unable to provide.

For your next string of construction projects, consider using a mobile office trailer for your company’s on-site home base. You can find a variety of office trailer options at Cassone. Serving New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, Cassone’s office trailers are affordable, durable and readily portable, so contact us today with any questions or requests you may have.