Some people consider mobile office trailers a practical solution. The real head honchos have corner offices in high rise towers with breathtaking views, right? Certainly, the corner office is something of a status symbol to tell the world that you've made it, but a mobile office trailer has a lot of advantages over a more expensive office.


This one is an easy guess, right? Good luck getting your corner office down to the construction site, and if you wind up moving locations, you've got to move all that furniture, too. A mobile office is simply hitched and hauled wherever you need it to be.


Even if you can afford to rent pricey office space, do you really want to? Is that a smart use of company funds? Why not invest in a portable office and put the money you were going to spend on office space on growing your business, instead?


Do you really want every single client, employee and partner going up five stories in an elevator to meet you? Why not keep your office where they can walk right in? You don't get that with pricey office space.

Using a portable trailer, for some, is merely an economic decision. For others, the benefits far outweigh those that come with more expensive office space.