There are many reasons you might need storage containers in NYC. Perhaps you need storage while moving between locations. Maybe you have seasonal changeovers. Or as in many cases, you might simply have a lot of stuff and need time to decide what to do with it. Before you place your belongings in storage, however, ask yourself if anything you own might need a climate-controlled environment. It’s a horrible feeling to open the door to your storage unit to find that heat, cold, or humidity has ruined your possessions. You should seriously consider climate-controlled storage for the following items.


Computers, televisions, video cameras, audio equipment, and other electronics don’t do well in humid conditions or fluctuating temperatures. Sensitive components inside electronics can short circuit when exposed to moisture through humidity. These corrosive effects have long-term consequences that may show up when you restart your electronics. Because electronics are pricey, it’s worth the investment to protect them in climate-controlled ground storage containers in NYC.


There are two important categories of clothing you might want to protect: everyday clothing and heirloom clothing. If you live in an area with significant seasonal changes, you might need storage for your everyday clothing not currently in season. With regard to heirloom clothing, you might have the wedding dress you wore, a military uniform from a parent, or a child’s scout uniform in storage as a keepsake. For any of these clothing items, what a shame it would be to discover they have mildew from humidity.


If you’re a collector, you know your collectible items are evaluated based on their condition. Deterioration and imperfections adversely affect the value of all collectible items. Whether you collect coins, stamps, books, toys, artwork, sports memorabilia, or historical artifacts, you want to keep your valuables in tiptop shape. If you’re likely to hold collectibles for the long term, you might even consider climate-controlled storage containers for sale in NYC as opposed to renting.


Important Paperwork

You’ll want to protect important paperwork for both personal and legal reasons. You don’t want to take chances with documents such as marriage licenses, birth and death certificates, wills, stock certificates, contracts, and more. Many of these documents might be difficult, if not impossible, to replace if damaged.

Business Documents

If you run a business, you have many important documents to preserve for administrative and legal reasons. In this case, humidity is your enemy because it can cause documents to deteriorate. Climate-controlled storage containers for office in NYC is a necessity when documents would be at risk otherwise.

Wood and Leather Furniture

Wood and leather both act as magnets for moisture through humidity, but all of that absorption is not a friend to furniture. Temperature swings are harmful, too. These environmental factors can cause both wood and leather to expand, contract, warp, discolor, mildew, and decay. If left exposed to the environment, your prized furniture could turn to junk.

Climate-Controlled Storage Makes a Difference

Don’t become the next person who says “oh no” because your valuable belongings were ruined by humidity, heat, or cold. Climate controlled storage containers in NYC can protect your possessions by controlling the environment. If your belongings are important to you, it’s something you might want to consider.