Container with Buildings

If you need some extra storage space, purchasing or renting a used storage container can provide a great solution. Not only is it a perfect way to free up space in your business or home, but it is also more cost effective than purchasing a new one. But as with all used purchases, quality is a major concern. To ensure that you are renting a high-quality used storage container, inspect the unit using the guidelines below.


One of the most common issues with used containers is warping. With extended use, the wall and ceiling on the unit can become curved, making it especially difficult if you need to stack multiple containers or place them side by side. There is, however, an easy way to see if the container is warped; all you need is a piece of string and a friend. Hold one end of the string at the top of one corner and ask the other person to hold the other end at the bottom of the diagonal corner. If the string is far from touching the wall of the container at the center, the wall is warped.


You also want to check for signs of rusting and corrosion on the container. After all, you don’t want water, dirt, or any little critters entering your storage container and ruining your belongings. Check all the corner postings for signs of corrosion. You should also check underneath the floorboards, as this is an often-neglected spot. 

Inspect the Exterior

When you go to visit the container in person, start your inspection on the outside. Walk around the exterior and gauge its overall condition. Check the seals around the edges, the corner castings, and the paint. Dents are typically not a big problem, but if you notice corrosion on the walls, it’s likely the unit is in poor condition. Check for any structural damage, too. If you want to avoid the trouble of inspecting your potential storage unit, make sure you are seeking out the best storage container rentals in NYC. They will only have the best containers in stock for you to choose from.

2 Stacked Containers

Examine the Interior

Following the inspection of the exterior, move your exam inside. Begin by checking the doors for any damage. Ensure they lock and seal properly. You should also inspect the door fittings, seals, gaskets, and locks for damage. When you open the door, check for mold and rust. A musty aroma can signify a leak and potentially mold, though that is not always true. Look at the floors for any holes or signs of cargo spills. After completing a thorough check of the interior and exterior of the container, you will know whether or not it is worth your money.

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