Are you considering using office trailers for your business? These modular offices are pre-fabricated and customizable buildings that are durable, comfortable, and, best of all, easy to transport! They come with a trailer hitch and are made of such secure materials that you can easily move your trailer to a new property or the next temporary site.

But who would need such a structure? Why should you consider investing in office trailers? These are some of the most common occupations that use office trailers for everyday business. In fact, you may not have even noticed that these occupations work out of buildings that are modular and mobile. 

Construction Managers

Construction site managers conduct a great deal of business from office trailers, which they set up on construction sites and use as an office for daily work. Depending on the scale of the project, they may spend anywhere from a few days to several months on-site, and use trailers as comfortable, air-conditioned offices where they perform managerial business. Their work from mobile office trailers includes meeting with subcontractors, tallying up expenses to stay under budget, and evaluating schedules.  

Food Concession Workers

Concession stands are more permanent alternatives to the popular food truck. Office trailers are more expansive and look less like automobiles and more like real restaurants. Many food concession workers sell meals, snacks, and beverages from their trailers. These trailers can be transported to various sites, including city parks, public events grounds, stadium parking lots, and much more.

New York City

Leasing Agents

Apartment leasing agents are available to meet with tenants from on-site office trailers. Trailers for these occupations are more likely to be dressed up to resemble traditional buildings. If you rent a home from an apartment complex, it's very likely that the leasing office is actually an office trailer. However, these structures are comfortable and professional looking, and can be surrounded by permanent parking and landscape designs. Leasing agents host showings, go over leasing contracts, handle tenant complaints, and schedule maintenance work for the entire property and all of its rental units. Being mobile allows them to visit various properties or to fit snugly into the complex without depriving space that should be used for tenant services or for building additional rental units.


Teachers, coaches, and school counselors often work from office trailers. They're a fast alternative to building a traditional structure on a concrete foundation, a process that can be highly expensive and take several months to complete. When you're on a public education budget, this isn't always an option. Many school districts around the country rely on office trailers for additional classroom and meeting space. They do this so they can quickly expand to meet an increasingly large student body and continue hosting classes and meetings with students while construction or building repairs are in process.

These are just some of the many occupations that rely on office trailers as durable, comfortable, mobile, and inexpensive places to do business. You can shop online to customize an office trailer for your business needs, too. If you’re looking for modular office trailers for sale in NYC, give Cassone Trailers a call today!