Trailer with Ramps

Modular buildings may look like shipping containers, but they’re used for much more than freight. In fact, these large industrial trailers are changing the world. Read on to learn about the variety of different creative ways modular buildings in NYC can be used.

The Medical Field

While they may appear industrial, modular buildings are completely customizable. From the exterior colors to the interior contents, you can design your building to suit your needs. Modular buildings are able to meet the highest of sanitation standards. Because of this, they’re the perfect solution for hospitals, medical clinics, or portable stations. They provide additional space for patients as well as medical personnel. Whether these modular buildings are being used as a laboratory workstation, clean room, or clinic, they can easily be moved from location to location as needed.

Industrial Workplaces

Modular trailers are an excellent choice for temporary job sites. When commercial and construction projects are in need of a temporary building, a trailer can provide that space. Modular buildings are often used as interim offices, sales locations, temporary conference rooms, and pump houses. They can also be customized to include restrooms. 

The Field of Education

In many areas, schools are rapidly running out of space. As more and more students crowd the halls, many educators are concerned that the lack of space could impact their ability to teach. Modular buildings are an ideal solution for any school that is experiencing an influx of students. These trailers can be designed to house dozens of students and can be placed directly on the property of the school. They could be utilized as temporary space while more permanent classrooms are being built or remain a part of the school as long as needed. Modular buildings can be equipped with ramps, wiring for video and audio devices, lockers, and soundproofing. These trailers have the potential to provide a learning environment as optimal as one found in a main school building.

Trailer with Skyline


With the price of houses continuously rising, many feel that their chance to buy their own home is rapidly shrinking. Modular buildings can be used as stand-alone homes or to create apartment complexes. These trailers are dramatically cheaper than single-family residences. Because they don’t require extensive labor or materials, they’re an affordable option for those looking to own their own space. Plus, they’re customizable. With the options of installing carpeting and grand master bathrooms (and much more), modular buildings can be as luxurious as a traditional home.

Whether you’re looking to install a security office on a job site or for a way to provide more space to a growing school, modular buildings are the solution. With so many customizable options, a trailer can be designed to suit any needs. If you’re looking for the best modular building prices in NYC, look no further than Cassone Leasing, Inc. To start your modular project, visit today.