Construction site 1

Storage containers are used to do more than store things at a construction site. Because of their sturdiness and adaptability to different purposes, storage containers provide a wide range of building and other uses. At Cassone Trailers in NYC, we've seen some amazing things done with storage containers. Here are some of their most important uses.

Offices and Changing Rooms

With a door and a couple of windows, storage containers make good temporary offices for both the construction company and the business that is having the construction done. Forgo the windows, and you could have a great place for your employees to change their clothes when they arrive and when they leave the construction site. That way, no one's taking home any unwanted dirt or removing tools accidentally from the work site.

The Facilities

Normally construction sites will have chemical porta-potties. While these facilities can be adequate for the job, they quickly become dirty and smelly if they aren't cleaned every day. Adapted storage containers can be hooked up to the sewer system and provide working faucets. The result is something much better than the average temporary toilet system. You can even have them split up into men's and women's restrooms if you need them!

Other Amenities

While workplace safety is the goal of every good construction site, accidents happen. A clean first aid room can make the difference when having to treat minor wounds and prevent infection.

Lunch time is important. Having a dedicated area away from the dust and other construction materials can help your employees feel good about their job and help them to eat better. Both types of rooms and many more can be made from storage containers.

Construction site 2

On the Outside

Every construction site is responsible for the safety of its crew and the people who use the areas near and just beyond the site. Storage containers can be used to provide the necessary protection while also acting as useful buildings for the construction team. Your construction site will require less chain link fencing and fewer covers for pedestrians.

Storage Area

Of course, when you get a storage container in NYC, you can always use it for storage. After all, at construction sites, containers are used to protect valuable tools and building supplies when everyone goes home for the night. Because they are made from steel and designed for transporting long distances in the open weather, storage containers are sturdy and hard to break into. Rodents can't get inside, so your items are protected as long as the doors remain shut. Storage containers are also waterproof and fire resistant. Any way you look at it, storage containers make a great solution for many of the needs found on a construction site.