Looking for new office trailers in NYC? We have an array of options to provide the most optimal storage to meet your need. It’s important for you to know the difference between our storage containers and storage trailers. Before making your decision, here are some differences you should consider.

Storage Containers

Storage containers are perfect if you need storage on the ground level. When the storage container is unloaded it will sit on the ground, with a little step up. However, it’s still relatively flat on the ground, allowing for easier access to what’s stored inside of the container, without needing a ramp or ladder.

Storage containers were first made to be used as shipping containers, which are made to be stacked and loaded. Stacking will allow you to save on space. Storage containers also need a lifted flatbed or tilting bed truck to move.

Storage containers require very little care. Just occasionally check the roof to make sure water is not puddling on top, and you may need to oil the doors to make sure everything stays functioning at top-notch quality.

Storage Trailers

Modular office storage trailers in NYC, stay on the trailer frame at docking level height. These temporary office storage trailers work best if you need the contents of your storage trailer to be taken to or from a warehouse facility at docking level. Also, storage trailers are not stackable.

Modular building

Your portable office storage trailers in NYC and beyond, must be cared for in similar frequency like you would a vehicle, due to its mobility. As with a vehicle, the amount of maintenance needed over time depends on how much your storage trailer is traveling. The environment also plays a role: weather, upkeep of the location area, will it sit on sand or cement, for example. Consider your environment and how often your storage trailer will be transporting and check on it occasionally to determine maintenance.

Storage trailers are usually wider than your standard storage container. Standard construction office storage trailers in NYC are usually 8ft. 6in. wide, which gives room for pallets to fit in the interior. Storage containers are typically 8ft. Wide. If you’re in need of a broader more travel-ready solution, you may want to consider a storage trailer.

Storage trailers in NYC, have wheels and axles and can be easily moved. However, you will also need a FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) license for your new office storage trailer. Getting the license may be worth it to you, if the portable storage trailer best fits your needs.

Contact the pros to find a storage solution that fits your needs.