When you are working all day in the scorching hot sun, all you want at the end of your shift is a relaxing place to unwind and a good meal. Mobile office trailers can offer you both of these benefits. In addition to being accommodating for a construction site project, these trailers are the perfect place for establishing a cafeteria for workers.


Set up a cafeteria using a mobile trailer by incorporating a system of cooking and warming stations. Trailer units can be fitted with stove tops, ovens, microwaves, toasters, and coffee makers. Include a buffet station similar to what is found in restaurants, if desired. Alternatively, you can make due with catering style equipment that features Bunsen burners beneath metal trays of cooked foods so to keep it warm and at a safe temperature. You can also include a full size refrigerator or standalone freezer, in order to provide ample amounts of food while on the job. This is particularly ideal for workers in isolated areas, such as at the main camps of North Dakota’s oil fields, as you can save money and time by stocking up on groceries.


In addition to being the perfect set up for cooking food, mobile office trailers offer a refuge for workers during their meal times. Whether they are searching for a place to wake up with coffee before work, or are in need to a respite out of the sun at lunchtime, a mobile cafeteria is a welcomed sight. Increase the morale in your unit, while making the best situation possible for your employees, by creating a cafeteria on site of your next working location.