A Solution for Your Record Storage

Many businesses require heavy duty record storage with a high priority on record safety and security. This is especially true of businesses and organizations with confidential records. Medical facilities and private practices require extremely confidential record storage to protect their enterprise from harmful tampering and illegal disclosure. They also keep their records under a watchful eye for the sake and protection of patients, but those facilities may run out of indoor storage room over time. Psychological and law practices both have a similar need for record storage that cannot be easily accessed, damaged, and tampered with. It’s more than a desire for these professionals. It is their livelihood, and careless record storage can potentially turn into a series of career hazards. Our record storage units, made of heavy duty corrugated steel and tightly sealed, provide your confidential records with a level of safety and security that a storage room, filing cabinet, or publically accessible computer can’t match. Choosing Cassone for your record storage needs ensures that you will have complete control over who can and cannot access records while also protecting those records from fire and environmental hazards; all while keeping your office clear of clutter and your life organized.

Safe and secure record storage makes for a safe and secure business. We understand how important it is to business owners and operators to maintain thorough records of transactions, cases, project reports, and financial documents that are all as important to a business as the services or goods that a business provides. Proper record storage not only keeps your business tidy and efficient, it also keeps you in control of the information in and surrounding your business. Keeping an eye on what data goes in and comes out of your business is crucial to maintaining your enterprise as a smoothly running machine.

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