Climate Controlled Storage Container Rental Units

If you are experiencing an increase in inventory but are in the business of perishable goods, a climate controlled storage container rental from Cassone is an affordable, efficient, and fast way to get your goods out of the office or an overstuffed warehouse, and into a storage unit that keeps you organized without having to worry about your goods expiring. Our storage container rentals come with options of heat and air conditioning that can keep your goods in peak condition without making you resort to offsite warehouse rental. Whether your goods are organic, such as food or plants, or if you have weather-sensitive materials such as wooden furniture, musical instruments, or electronics, a storage container rental is the way to go for externally storing your wares without having to worry about interference from Mother Nature.

Safety First

Our storage container rental units are all made of heavy duty reinforced corrugated steel, making them virtually fireproof and extremely tamper resistant. The strength of our storage container rentals also makes them weather resistant, so you can rest assured that your goods will be safe from moisture damage and that they will be stored in a highly wind-resistant environment. We know how important it is to keep your possessions and goods safe and secure, which is why our storage container rentals are made of only the most durable materials and sealed carefully to ensure that tampering and vandalism are virtually impossible.

If You’re on the Go

Whether you’re in-between residences or suddenly acquiring substantial assets and need a place for temporary storage, our storage container rental services are the way to go when it comes keeping your possessions in order and in great shape. Many people are forced to place their items in storage while they wait for their new residence to become available, and Cassone’s storage container rental units are an impeccable and affordable way to ensure that your belongings are preserved while you’re gone.

You won’t find a better way to take care of your inventory, personal possessions, and perishable goods than with Cassone’s storage container rental units. Call 1-800-947-1334 for pricing and custom options to get started and on your way to safe, reliable storage.