When you think of office trailers, it’s natural to think of them on a construction job site. After all, they’re perfect for that application since they can be quickly brought on-site for the project manager, then moved to the next site when the job is finished. Their flexibility makes them perfect for applications that go beyond the job site, though. Here are some examples:

-Seasonal businesses. A trailer can be a great place for the staff at a Christmas tree lot, summertime campground or just about anywhere else that needs space for a short period of time instead of 12 months out of the year.

-Consultants and visiting vendors. If your existing office is already full of employees and you don’t have room for anyone else, a portable office can either be used to shift employees out of the office to free up space for consultants or vendors or can be used to house the consultants without you having to expand your existing footprint or rent pricey executive suite space.

-Until new space comes online. When you’ve outgrown your space and you’re waiting for your lease to expire or for your new space to be built out, you don’t have to stop growing your business. With office trailers, you can house new employees temporarily and onboard them in preparation so that you hit the ground running in your new space.

-As a permanent solution. For some businesses, an office trailer can be a permanent place to work. Office trailers are functional and frequently come furnished so that all you need to do is plug in the electrical system and unlock the door.