Selecting the optimum site for your modular classroom is a task unto itself. Since procuring the right location may take some time, it is a good idea to make plans on the building’s position at the same time you are looking at portable classrooms for sale.

There are a small handful of criteria to consider before you can even think about buying a modular classroom. From size to occupancy to budget, the addition of modular buildings to any site requires careful strategizing. Here is a rundown of a few items to add to your “to do” list:

  • Consider the size of the portable classroom. Know exactly what the exterior dimensions, or footprint, of the modular building will be. Having this information on hand will make the site selection process go smoothly. Modular suppliers will also have a better idea on how they can serve you if they know the dimensions of your proposed building.
  • Consider who will be occupying the building. In this case, teachers, students and visitors will be the primary occupants, so accessing the classrooms and surrounding area should be convenient for everyone. You will want the portable classroom situated in a spot close to other facilities (such as the gymnasium), parking, student drop-off points, handicap access, and the main school building.
  • Consider the cost of installation. No matter if you are buying new or used portable classrooms for sale, you’ll want to plan for other costs associated with erecting a modular structure. Leveling the land for easy access to the site can cut down on costs. Also, placing the modular classroom as close as possible to existing utilities can save money on the project.

Cassone provides portable classrooms for sale at reasonable prices. Whether the modular classrooms are for school children or to be used as a training facility for adults, you can find the right size and shape to suit your needs. Contact us online or call Cassone at 1-800-947-1334.