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Cassone Modular Buildings

For sale or rent in NY, NJ, & CT

Perhaps it used to be that looking at modular building prices meant you were committing to live or work in a space that was very basic and cookie-cutter. However, our modular building costs vary as widely as our modular building plans. Now, whether you choose to buy used modular buildings for sale or one of our modular building rentals, you’ll enjoy a space that’s just as fully featured as any other building you can find. We have custom modular buildings with a wide range of different floor plans to choose from, and our mobile modular buildings are all one-of-a-kind spaces that you can be proud of.

Portable modular building systems supplied by Cassone in NYC give you unlimited options. We provide standard interior and exterior finishes, or we can custom build modular office buildings to your specifications. These modular buildings units can vary in size from hundreds of square feet to thousands of square feet and can be used to create a wide variety of floor plans for use as offices, classrooms, correctional facilities, shower/locker room facilities, golf pro shops, or administration buildings.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding modular buildings and their construction. It’s time that you forgot everything you thought you knew about portable modular buildings and stepped into the design world of Cassone, where our buildings, trailers, and storage solutions are one of a kind and beautifully designed and built for your lifestyle. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the eclectic selection of modern modular buildings in Long Island, NY.

Modular Buildings NYC

Project: Outreach, Brentwood, New York

Used Modular Building for Sale in NYC

PROJECT: Jones Inlet Marina, Freeport, New York

Portable Modular Buildings NYC

PROJECT: Jet Blue - JFK Airport, Jamaica, New York

Modular Building Rentals NYC

PROJECT: Town of Southampton Police Courts, Hampton Bays, New York

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Kirby Offshore Marine #1

Millbrook School

Dinosaur Park

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