Cassone Modular Homes

For Sale or Rent in NY, NJ & CT


Cassone’s modular homes offer all of the functions of a building—such as electricity and HVAC—but can be easily moved from one location to another. They are built to local building codes, are more affordable as homes that are built on-site, and can be built much quicker since weather or other factors will not delay construction. They are also more energy-efficient and resource-conscious.

Modular homes are growing in popularity as a viable alternative to traditionally constructed homes. Modular home owners have a great deal of freedom to add custom features. Plus, once a modular home is built, modular additions can always be considered. Contact us to find out how we can take your dream of owning a modular home from concept to completion. Cassone’s modular home specialists can provide guidance and support through every step of the process.