COVID-19 Testing Sites – Various Customers

When the COVID-19 pandemic fully hit New York in March 2020

COVID-19 Testing Sites – Various Customers

New York State | iBox, Office Trailers, Office Containers, Guard Booths

When the COVID-19 pandemic fully hit New York in March 2020, Cassone was ready to support the frontliners in all their efforts. From supporting pop-up medical facilities, to providing additional storage for retail shops who would need additional space for storage and renovations, Cassone worked around the clock to accommodate the sudden need for additional space.

Cassone worked with the Department of Homeland Security to facilitate testing sites across Long Island and New York City, partnering with the largest names in construction to make sure that deliveries and setups went quickly and safely. In Staten Island, Cassone’s executive team constructed iBox complexes that enabled testing sites to efficiently serve the necessary communities. On Long Island, Office Containers and Guard Booths were delivered for the pop-up drive through testing sites.

Cassone worked closely with various municipalities to make sure that the necessary testing site could be constructed as soon as possible. To lift the spirits of the frontline workers, Cassone has sweatshirts made thanking the frontliners and to help keep them warm during the cooling spring nights.

The Cassone team is proud to support the community through difficult times, and as a WBE/DBE we are committed to the continued growth and safety of businesses impacted by COVID-19.