Field Station: Dinosaurs – Outdoor Exhibitions

Bringing the extinct to life is exactly what Field Station

Field Station: Dinosaurs – Outdoor Exhibitions

Field Station: Dinosaurs – Outdoor Exhibitions
Leonia, NJ | Ticket Booths, Office Containers, Ground Level Storage Containers

Bringing the extinct to life is exactly what Field Station: Dinosaurs does at their park in New Jersey. With over thirty realistic hand-sculpted dinosaurs that are enhanced with roboticists, the park is both an educational and fun-filled experience for kids of all ages.

Upon entering the park, a custom-wrapped ticket booth serves as the first touchpoint for guests. The booth features three windows for park guests to purchase their tickets, and a bold and unique paint job with the silhouette of a large dinosaur on the front that grabs customers’ attention. The inside of the portable ticket booth is spacious for employee comfort and functionality and was built to the park’s specific needs.

As the park continues, custom-wrapped office containers and storage containers can be found throughout. Additionally, the gift shop is two 8×40 office containers that have been seemed together and outfitted with HVAC, creating a comfortable and spacious place for visitors to shop for souvenirs.

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