Turtle Cove Golf & Sports Entertainment Center

New York’s premiere golf practice range

Turtle Cove Golf & Sports Entertainment Center

Pelham Bay Park, NY | Custom Concession Container

New York’s premiere golf practice range, Turtle Cove Golf & Sports Entertainment Center, reached out to Cassone to elevate their Park Place Café. With an array of activities in addition to the range, including batting cages and mini golf, the café is an important part of keeping visitors entertained and on-site for longer periods of time.

Cassone engineered an innovative, functional, and inviting concession container for the space the company allocated to the café’s serving and seating area. Starting with a standard 40’ container, the unit was custom painted and outfitted with two pop-out windows, stainless steel countertops, additional shelving and outlets, and barn doors on both ends of the box. Additionally, a wood-burning pizza oven was installed to provide customers with another unique experience.

With the concession container delivered and installed, the Park Place Café was able to create an outdoor space where families could enjoy fresh food and relax amidst a day full of activity.

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