Cassone’s office space trailers provide business owners and their employees with options for a myriad of conditions that allow for mobility and freedom while freeing them from the time and cost commitments of investing in construction. For expanding businesses, our office space trailers offer expanding businesses an alternative to suffering through the noise, expense, lengthy (and often delayed) completion dates, potential hazards, and visually unattractive qualities of traditional building construction. Instead, a Cassone office space trailer comes functional, comfortable, and ready-to-go, so you can get down to business the day you receive your trailer.

Our office space trailers are an effective permanent solution for mobile businesses that regularly undergo relocation (such as mobile concession stands), seasonal businesses that only require office space during their respective season, and any businesses that are between headquarters needing a temporary space for operation. Equipped with fluorescent lighting, electricity, climate control (both heat and air conditioning), and lavatory facilities, a Cassone office space trailer gives you the chance to experience a fully-functioning office, store, showroom, or storage space with all of the satisfaction of total mobility.

An office space trailer is perfect if you have:

  • A mobile business that needs to be able to travel without sacrificing environmental or conditional quality
  • An expanding business with a growing staff that would rather make use of your current space rather than move into a larger building
  • An increase in business volume and the need for additional meeting rooms for your clients and customers
  • A desire to avoid the noise, hazards, and visually unappealing aspects of construction but still require additional space
  • The need for on-site showrooms to display your wares and goods in a controlled, specialized environment
  • A business in between offices and in need of temporary operating facilities

Take the stress out of expanding your operation, and choose Cassone’s office space trailers for all the amenities of an office with the addition of total mobility. We also offer movable cubicles so that you can modify your office on the fly! After all, in the business world, who has time to wait?