A mobile office gives business owners and employees a new level of freedom in how, when, and where they conduct business. Since our mobile offices are fully functioning electrically and have climate control capability, there is no loss in the quality or comfort of services rendered. The clients in your mobile office will be as comfortable as you want them to be, and so will you.

Ways to use a mobile office

  • Use your mobile office as a growth facility for plants and organics with fluorescent grow lights
  • Use your mobile office as a secondary office to a primary office
  • Travel the country in your mobile office for seasonal work or if you a vendor for tours and special events
  • A mobile office gives you a level of comfort and control that a food truck can’t provide as well as additional space
  • Turn your mobile office into a showroom to display your skills to clients and be able to do it wherever you want

A mobile office becomes a showroom

For designers, decorators, tradeshow preparation, and other creative manufacturers, your mobile office can become a portable showroom that can take clients into a new world as soon as they enter your mobile office from outside. The potential for contrast between the outdoor world and the inside of your mobile office and showroom is great and will allow for you to have complete control of your mobile office and showroom environment.

A portable café? A portable kitchen? A mobile office can do both

A mobile office with climate control and electrical capability can be turned into a portable kitchen and even a very small dining area with far more space and comfort than a food truck. This can give your food vending and mobile kitchen service an edge over the competition by being able to:

  • Use your mobile office to increase capacity for employees and thus increase production and efficiency, meaning short lines and shorter wait times
  • Increase the amount of equipment in your mobile office so that you can serve more kinds of food or prepare food in larger amounts
  • Modify parts of your mobile office to transform it into a mini café with several tables, climate, control, and a greater comfort that attendees of outdoor events will be craving as they eat and relax

A mobile office isn’t just a portable building. It’s a statement about your accessibility and about how committed your business is to convenience and dependability. Contact Cassone today, and we’ll help you make that statement.