Modular buildings provide an inexpensive way to expand upon an existing structure or be utilized as a standalone solution. Modular building systems may be either temporary or permanent, and the type of structure you end up choosing depends on your purpose, budget, architectural style and installation/relocation. Whether you decide upon a temporary or permanent system, you’ll be saving time and money — modular buildings can be built quickly and will reduce overhead costs.

Building purpose

Temporary modular building systems work well in cases when relatively quick construction is necessary, such as in disaster relief situations when short-term housing and medical camps are in demand. In non-emergency situations, temporary modular buildings are ideal for classrooms, mobile showrooms, and construction site offices and sales offices.

A permanent modular building is perfect for spaces that won’t require relocation. Office buildings, hospitals, schools, military housing and more can be constructed from modular components and seamlessly blend in with the architecture and color of conventionally built edifices.


Temporary modular buildings are relatively economical because they may be bought, leased or rented. However, temporary units are considered “personal property”, because they are not affixed to real estate and, therefore, depreciate in value over time.

Modular buildings that are permanent cost more up front but retain their value, proving them to be an investment benefit.


There are little design and layout choices with temporary modular buildings. Often, the materials and customizable options are limited as well.

With a permanent modular building, it is treated just like regular building construction. Stairwells, elevators and lobbies may even be added — the possibilities are endless. The only constraints may be local building codes and materials that dictate how large the building can be.

Installation and relocation

If ease of relocation is a criterion for your business then a temporary modular building is suitable. Temporary modular building systems are durable enough to withstand several rounds of installation and relocation.

A permanent modular building is built with the intent of never relocating elsewhere. The buildings are subject to identical inspection and maintenance practices as a traditional building.

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