Ground Level Storage Containers, Their Benefits, and More

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The need for storage containers comes from individuals and businesses alike. You could be renovating your home or might need extra space to store your merchandise during the holiday season. In any case, you may find different options from which to choose, and ground level storage containers are among the most favored.


What is Ground Level Storage?

Some of the top storage unit companies offer multistoried storage solutions, often in the form of conventional buildings and warehouses. These come with ground level storage units as well as units on upper levels. Several companies offer only ground level storage in the form of multiple units lined up horizontally, with some even offering drive-up access. 

Companies that specialize in repurposing shipping containers offer portable ground level storage units that you may consider using at just about any type of location. Made using reinforced heavy-duty corrugated steel, these units are air-, water-, and wind-tight.


The Alternatives on Offer

Ground level storage comes in three basic forms. These include indoor, outdoor, and portable units.

  • Indoor units. When it comes to indoor ground level storage units, you need to enter a building or warehouse to get to your unit. Indoor units are more resistant to nature’s elements, and the weather is seldom a concern. This is because there’s an extra layer of protection every time you open your unit’s door. Besides, indoor units are typically more energy efficient, which makes them more affordable to run, and consequently, to rent as well.
  • Outdoor units. An outdoor unit is one that offers direct access. One of the key benefits of going the outdoor way is that you might be able to drive up to your unit easily. Besides, it may also lead to savings in time and money if you employ movers by the hour.
  • Portable units. Ground levels storage containers offer great freedom when it comes to placement because you may use them at practically any location that has enough space, be it a construction site, a home, an office building, a stadium, or a retail outlet.


The Benefits of Ground Level Storage Containers

Ground level storage containers bring with them the convenience that many individuals and businesses seek. Made using shipping containers, they are fire and vandal resistant, and they may retain their structural integrity for more than 20 years even after frequent relocations. With the right unit, you get the ability to store just about anything, for as long as you like. Besides, you may choose to buy a unit or simply rent one. There are other benefits as well.

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1. The Accessibility Factor

When you compare indoor and outdoor ground level storage units, the latter typically come on top when it comes to accessibility. Similarly, ground level units score over upper-level units. This is because getting an upper-level storage unit might require having to deal with elevator-related size and weight restrictions. In addition, having to haul large or heavy items up the stairs can be quite a challenge if you don’t use the services of professional movers. If you do, it comes at an added cost.

Some outdoor storage units offer drive-up access, which is ideal for people who plan to use their units regularly, especially if they plan to haul large or heavy items.

Storage containers take the top spot when it comes to accessibility because it’s easy to set them up at practically any location you desire, thereby bringing the storage unit to you. This means you don’t have to drive to a storage unit every time you need to access it because it’s basically in your own backyard.


2. The Security Factor

Ground level storage units are typically closer to security, administrative, and management offices. This brings with it some added peace of mind, because in case something goes wrong, they benefit through the shortest response times.

If you get a storage container placed at a location of your choice, you may choose to secure it in any manner you see fit.  You may do this by using different types of locking systems, closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, and high-powered lighting. When you partner with a reliable storage container manufacturer, you can be sure that your storage container meets all the building and fire protection codes.


3. The Size Factor

Most storage companies give their customers a few size options from which to choose. More often than not, you’ll find larger units on the ground floor, mainly because storage companies know they can charge higher prices owing to the convenience that comes with ground level storage. If you go the storage container way, you still get to choose from multiple sizes. In addition, you may choose to stack up to three units vertically, and as many as you like horizontally, Scaling up or down based on your changing requirements is also easy.


4. Customization

When you work with a conventional storage company, you basically have to settle for the features that come with your particular storage unit, be it indoors, outdoors, ground level, or upper level. However, if you choose to get a ground level storage container, you may customize it in different ways.

Finding insulated storage containers is easy, and you may get them with or without air conditioning. Storage container manufacturers let you choose from different types of shelves, doors, high-security locks, and lighting. Getting drip trays installed is an option, and this is also the case if you wish to add panic hardware or turbine vents.

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5. Organizing Inventory

If you, as a business owner or manager, opt for offsite ground level storage, managing the inventory you store might involve frequent trips to the unit. However, you may completely eliminate this step by getting an onsite storage container. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that need extra space to store their inventory, and also require easy access. Retail businesses may see the inventory-related benefits that storage containers have to offer in the form of eliminating/reducing wait times, quick and easy access to high-demand items, as well as simplified tracking of overstock inventory.


6. Climate Control

Whether or not you require a climate-controlled ground level storage unit depends on your specific requirements. For example, if you plan to store wooden furniture for an extended duration, opting for climate control might be in your best interest as this would ensure that the wood does not warp. Fortunately, getting climate-controlled storage containers with state-of-the-art heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems is fairly easy, provided you select the right manufacturer.

Indoor storage units usually offer better temperature regulation than outdoor units. This is because the door to your storage unit opens into a larger structure, which offers better protection from the elements than an outdoor unit. However, this does not imply that all indoor units are climate controlled. Besides, you may find outdoor units that come with climate control as well.


Who Needs Portable Storage Containers?

Portable ground level storage containers find use in various realms, from business to personal. For instance, while the construction industry often needs extra onsite storage solutions, so do several homeowners.

  • Construction sites and warehouses. The need for additional storage space is all too common at construction sites and warehouses, and storage containers serve as perfect solutions. Not only are they easy to set up and remove, they make way for better project management too. In addition, you get various customization options from which to choose, and you may scale up or down as and when required.
  • Retail businesses. Retail businesses look at storage containers with favor because it’s easy to place them just about anywhere in a quick and easy manner, and they help free up valuable floor space. Besides, repurposing storage containers to function as curbside merchandise stores, pop-up shops, and food stalls is fairly simple. When it comes to storage, using a 10 feet wide storage container gives you the ability to stack pallets on both sides and still have enough room for movement in between.
  • Manufacturing. The manufacturing industry usually requires large warehouses to store raw materials and finished products, which has led to a significant rise in demand for storage containers. What helps is that climate control systems are easy to incorporate in such units. This is particularly beneficial for pharmaceutical and food processing companies, where products need to be stored under specific conditions.
  • Automotive. The automotive industry uses storage containers to transport vehicles fairly regularly. You may also find them at dealerships that are in the process of scaling up as well as at ones going through renovations. They also work perfectly well when it comes to storing parts and accessories.
  • Government. Different government agencies have benefitted by turning to storage containers for storing documents and other sensitive materials. These containers can come with customized partitions and shelves to simplify how you organize the things you store. Adding safes to storage containers is possible, as is maintaining desired temperature and humidity levels.
  • Home renovations. Renovating a home usually requires clearing furniture and other items out of a room or more. In such a case, you may use an onsite storage container to ensure that you have easy access to your belongings at all times.
  • Selling a home. If you’re in the process of selling your home, you may use a storage container to de-clutter before you invite prospective buyers. You may move the items you don’t really need into your storage container as this can help create a sense of additional space. Once you sell your home, you may use the container to move the rest of your belongings to your new home.
  • Downsizing. People who plan to downsize their homes may benefit by getting a portable storage container as it gives them time to determine what they wish to do with possessions that don’t find a place in their new homes.
  • Relocating. People who’re relocating may benefit by looking at what storage containers have to offer because you may ask the company that provides it to move it for you as well. Besides, you may take as much time as you need to move your belongings into your new home.

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Other Uses of Shipping Containers

The shipping container modification market is big, to say the least. According to Allied Market Research, it was worth $76.52 billion globally in 2019, and is set to cross $114 billion by 2027. This is mainly because of the versatility it brings to the table.

Consider this – your business needs extra office space as well as additional room for storage. While conventional construction methods take time, repurposing shipping containers to meet your specific needs is much faster. In this case, you may choose to get a container office along with a storage container – both designed to serve their respective purposes well. 

The healthcare industry continues to provide a steady demand for shipping containers that are repurposed to serve as clinics, labs, mobile hospitals, and administrative offices. It’s even possible to create units designed to maintain the aseptic conditions required to carry out surgical procedures.

Education is another field that is already benefiting by looking at what shipping containers have to offer. This is because it’s possible to convert a shipping container into a classroom, a cafeteria, a first aid center, or an administrative office. What helps is that you may use a container to serve varied purposes, while still being an extension of your existing building.



Ground level storage containers score over conventional indoor and outdoor storage solutions because of different reasons such as accessibility, security, size, and to the ability to customize one as per your liking. Besides, you may choose to scale up or down depending on your changing requirements. If you want a storage container to reflect your company’s branding, that’s easy to accomplish too.

Given that there are numerous storage container companies from which to choose, it’s important that you select the right one. Some companies limit to selling ground level storage containers, and there are others that let you rent them as well. No matter which of the two you choose, the company you partner with should ideally have adequate experience coupled with great customer testimonials. It should also be able to assist with your unit’s maintenance, repairs, and relocation, as and when the need arises.