What You Should Know Before You Buy a Used Office Trailer

What You Should Know Before You Buy a Used Office Trailer - Cassone

Given the inherent durability that comes with office trailers, several businesses look at buying used ones as opposed to investing in new units, all the more so when budget is a constraint. These trailers commonly find use at construction sites, medical centers, educational institutions, and government agencies, serving as offices in different capacities. While used office trailers come with multiple benefits, selecting one that works well for your location requires that you pay attention to different aspects.


What’s an Office Trailer?

A number of people think that office trailers are made using shipping containers, but these units are actually prefabricated in factories under controlled conditions. Given that these units come with a wheels-and-chassis trailer base, they are fairly easy to tow and relocate. As a result, they can function as rather effective portable offices. Customizing a used office trailer is always an option.


Factors That Need Your Attention When Buying a Used Office Trailer

Buying a used towable office trailer requires that you take various aspects into consideration. This is because not all office trailers serve the same purpose. For instance, you may choose to get a large or a small office trailer based on your specific requirements.


The Budget

The money you’re willing to spend has a direct bearing on the used office trailer you may afford to buy. In addition, just what you’re looking for in your office trailer will affect its cost. For example, if you don’t own a site and plan to rent one, you need to account for this cost as well. How you plan to customize your office trailer, the size you’re after, and delivery charges also have an effect on the overall costing, so you need to prepare a budget accordingly. Take into account that while several mobile office trailer movers charge flat fees for delivery, this typically applies to a predetermined mile range, over which you might need to pay additional per-mile fees.


The Set Up

Setting up a used office trailer in a new location is typically straightforward when handled by experts.  If the ground surface where you want it to be placed is uneven, the first step would be to even it out so that the trailer remains steady. If there is availability of power, gas, water, and drainage facilities, your provider will only require making final connections. However, if this is not the case, you will need to look for suitable alternatives. Depending on how far you are from the services you need, these costs can add to being a tidy sum.


The Time Factor

If you plan to your use office trailer occasionally, you may make do with the bare minimum in terms of additional fixtures and amenities. On the other hand, if you foresee regular use of the unit you purchase, you may opt for a more elaborate set up. Time is also a factor when it comes to setting up your office trailer, especially if you’ve requested for customization or renovations. If you’re on a tight schedule, you may consider getting an office trailer that is ready to use.


The Purpose it Will Serve

Start by determining what purpose you need the office trailer to serve. For instance, a jobsite office trailer might fall short on your expectations if you’re looking at adding extra office space in a medical setup.  If you plan to use an office trailer in an industrial or commercial setting to interact with customers, you’ll need to pay particular attention to aesthetics. If you’re looking for an offsite trailer that your workers might use, focusing on functionality would be the way to go.


Size Matters

If your requirement extends to no more than adding a new home office space, opting for a small office trailer might work well for you. On the other hand, large office trailers are ideal when it comes to accommodating multiple employees and/or customers. Bear in mind that while you need to consider the number of people an office trailer might need to accommodate, you also need to account for adequate space to add furniture and move around comfortably.


Weather Conditions

If you wish to set up your office trailer in a region that experiences extreme weather, be it hot or cold, it’s important to add high-quality insulation to the walls, ceiling, and floor. You’ll need a reliable HVAC system as well. Since energy costs in extreme weather conditions can be rather high, the right kind of insulation can lead to long-term savings. 

When it comes to dealing with stormy weather, you need to ensure that your office trailer is high enough from the ground to minimize the risk of flooding. If you plan to use your office trailer in a region that is prone to devastating winds or hurricanes, you may want to invest in storm windows and deadbolts. You also need to make sure that your office trailer is anchored firmly to the ground by using manufactured-housing tie-downs.

You should also consider pruning, trimming, and removing trees, shrubs, and bushes that could cause damage to your trailer.



Customization can go a long way when it comes to what you may do with a used office trailer. For instance, custom luxury mobile office trailers can come replete with different alternatives for power, multiple workspaces, partitions, built-in desks, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a variety of office-specific equipment. If you want a used mobile office trailer with a bathroom, your dealer can take care of this requirement too.

Furniture requirements play a vital role in the customization of used office trailers. These can come in the form of desks, chairs, conference tables, drafting tables, shelves, and filing cabinets. Remember that the furniture you choose to get will have an effect on the layout plan.


Special Configuration

This is not much of a concern if you plan to buy a used office trailer to serve a basic purpose. However, the equation changes if you’re requirements are complex. This might be the case if you want a private office, a showroom to display your products, or even an elaborate conference room. Setting up two or more office trailers to function as a single unit might present some configuration challenges, although these are typically easy to overcome when addressed by experts. You also need to account for this factor is you want restrooms or a kitchen/kitchenette in your office trailer. 

If you plan to move your office trailer from one place to another fairly often, you may opt for basic furniture and a sturdy set of steps that are easily portable. On the other hand, if your office trailer is to stay put in the same place for a long period of time, you may consider opting for a solid foundation as well as customized steps and ramps.



In this fast-paced technologically adept world, being able to communicate with others is vital to stay on top of things. What helps is that you get different telecommunication setup and wiring options from which to choose to ensure that you’re always within reach.

If you prefer going the long-term more reliable wired network way, you may contact your local cable or telephone company and check what options they have. Alternatively, temporarily or infrequently used office trailers may benefit more by looking at what local cell phone companies have to offer.  No matter which of these options you choose, make sure you discuss it with your used office trailer supplier in advance. This way, it can voice any concern it might have. For example, getting a hardwired connection may require carrying out minor modifications.



Just how secure you want your used office trailer to be depends on its intended use. For example, if it will hold important documents and/or expensive equipment, security should be your primary concern. Mobile office trailers commonly come with lockable doors. Additional security measures can come in the form of locks with deadbolts, steel doors, window bars, exterior lights, and latch guard plates. If you wish to install a safe in your office trailer, it’s possible. Lastly, you also have the option to adding fencing on your own to further safeguard the area.



Local and state zoning permits play a role in installing and using office trailers, which is why it’s important to address this aspect even before you start your search. While most construction projects and large commercial properties don’t need permits for mobile office trailers, this is not the same across the U.S.  One benefit of dealing with a reliable local dealer of used office trailers is that you can rely on it to guide you in the right direction surrounding whether or not you need a permit.


History of the Used Office Trailer

Asking your dealer where it sources its used office trailers from is the way to go. This is particularly important with used trailers because you want to make sure they’re still in good condition. Here are a few questions you might benefit by asking your dealer after you narrow down on one or more suitable alternatives:

  • How old is the trailer?
  • How many times has it been leased or sold?
  • Has it even been damaged?
  • Has it ever been extensively repaired?
  • What weather conditions has it endured?


The Office Trailer Provider

It’s always a good idea to run a background check on the used office trailer provider you select as this gives you an indication of its experience as well as expertise. Discuss your specific needs with the trailer provider’s sales team to ensure that it is capable of handling all your requirements. This is particularly important if you want to customize your trailer.

Find out if the company you’re dealing with provides after sales service because you should ideally be able to rely on it if you face any problems with your trailer. You may determine the level of customer service any such company provides by going through online reviews and testimonials from previous customers.


Should You Lease a Used Office Trailer?

Should You Lease a Used Office Trailer?

Various businesses prefer leasing used office trailers instead of buying mainly because it’s a more cost-effective solution to meet a short-term need. There are other benefits too.

  • Maintenance. It is common for office trailer companies to include ongoing maintenance and repair work in their leasing contracts. This way, you don’t have to look beyond the company you purchase your trailer from to address any problem you might have.
  • Flexibility. If you buy a used towable office trailer, relocating it requires that you hire someone to move to it the desired location. If you lease a trailer, the company you work is responsible for moving it according to your requirements. When you no longer need the trailer, removing it from your premises is also the leasing company’s responsibility.
  • Peace of mind. If you buy a used office trailer from its previous owner, it’s difficult to be absolutely sure about its quality. Should there be a problem later on, you might find yourself wondering what to do next. When you lease a unit from a professional office trailer company, you get peace of mind by knowing that should any problem arise, you know who to turn to for support.



The construction industry, educational institutions, medical establishments, and even the government have turned to using office trailers to meet varied space requirements. What helps is that you may now find a used office trailer that can serve the purpose of an offsite office, an administrative office, a faculty office, an office for a retail space, or any other type of office. While their use as office-spaces is common, they can also be converted to restaurants, bars, beer gardens, labs, classrooms, and storage units.

It’s best that you buy a used office trailer from a business that specializes in this realm because it helps take the guesswork out of the process. Besides, such companies also give you the option to enter into time-based lease contracts, should you choose to take this path instead.