Office trailers offer a wide range of accommodations thanks to their mobility and portability. Additionally, with these trailers you have full access to electrical and plumbing arrangements, so you can turn one of our trailers into your personalized work setup. For individuals with unique work needs, a mobile office trailer can work for you, too.

Festivals and Fairs

If you take part in spring fairs and summer festivals with either foods, crafts or administrative duties, consider adding office trailers to your equipment. You can set up your mobile trailer to have an enclosed sales area for your arts and crafts. Additionally, an office trailer can be used as a makeshift storefront, which will give your customers a break from spring showers or summer heat. If you are in charge of administrative duties associated with fairs and festivals, set up your office space in no time. You will have a secure and safe place to store office files, artisan booth payments, and important documents.


A top earner for most any event is the concession booth. However, having a fully equipped and functioning space for bagging treats, pouring drinks and collecting payments can be hard to come by. Instead of depending on concession stands and equipment sometimes available at sports arenas, race tracks and fairgrounds, invest in an office trailer! You will be able to create a safe and orderly place to serve concessions, while saving time and energy on setting up your booth. A concession stand that is clean and presentable can ensure an increase in your concession stand profits.

Press Boxes

Office trailers are the perfect setup for a press box. Whenever you have an event that involves the press, such as an election campaign or fundraiser, you want to have a place where press can go. The press will use your press box as a place to check in with their credentials; to congregate with fellow press; and to compile information to be used in their upcoming news report. A press box that offers a comfortable, quiet place in which members of the press can summarize notes is ideal for a positive experience all around. However, you also need a press box with ample electrical sources and high speed Internet so to provide journalists and reporters with instant connection to their editors.