Eco friendly

If you're looking to expand your commercial property, or require office space for a temporary worksite, then you've surely considered purchasing a modular building. Reasonably priced and incredibly convenient, modular buildings can give you the space to meet your company's needs without having to invest in a whole new construction project. In particular, used modular buildings are built tough and versatile, and are terrific options for acquiring additional space, allowing you to cut back on expenses without sacrificing quality. Here are some of the features you can expect to find in used modular buildings for sale in NYC.

1. They're Built Off-Site

If you need office space quickly, you don't want to wait for a lengthy construction process. Thankfully, modular buildings are already built. Constructed in weather-controlled, enclosed sites, there's no reason to delay any aspect of construction due to bad weather. Furthermore, since used modular buildings are already built, all they have to do is pull one out of storage and deliver it to your site. It's just that simple.

2. Temporary or Permanent

While the portable nature of modular buildings is well known, not everyone is aware that modular buildings can be built permanently on your land as well. Once delivered, your used modular building in Long Island, NY, can be customized to look the same as any other business or home. Furthermore, by making it permanent, a modular buildings becomes part of your real estate. That means it needs to follow the same legal guidelines as every other building in your community, but it also retains or increases its value over time along with the rest of your real property.

Modular building

3. Better for the Environment

Modular buildings are constructed in a fashion similar to an assembly line. That means the manufacturers can predict exactly how much material is to be used, and how much energy is going to be required in the manufacturing process. The result is far less waste in terms of materials and electricity than with traditional buildings. Also, because we're talking about used modulars here, no additional materials are being wasted if you purchase one. Your new office space or home is 100% recycled material, and you can't have a more green construction process than that.

4. Easy Expansion

Modular buildings are designed and built like building blocks. The ease of construction works both at the manufacturing facility, and on-site where the modular buildings reside. If the time comes when you're looking to expand your permanent modular buildings, this can be more easily done than with traditional buildings. Additional units can either be added directly onto your building, or right next to it and connected via a breezeway. The choice is yours!

As you can see, used modular buildings have several advantages over buildings that use standard on-site construction. Call Cassone Leasing Inc. to find out how a used modular building can work for you!