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Schools around the country have learned the benefits that portable classrooms have to offer, a lot of misconceptions have come about, too. Some people find a convenient solution for more classroom space seems too good to be true, so there must be something wrong. If you're skeptical as to how portable classrooms can be used, let us correct you of a few notions.

Portable Classrooms Are All the Same

The fact that portable classrooms are shaped from simple trailers can lead people to believe that they’re unsuitable for different types of curricula. The fact is, portable modular classrooms are every bit as versatile as their permanent counterparts. They can be easily turned into labs, history classes, teacher lounges—whatever you need. With carpeting, full HVAC capabilities, and all the electrical systems you need for a modern classroom, no school suffers from using portable classrooms.

You Don’t Save Money with Portable Classrooms

Portable modular classrooms aren’t cheaper than their conventional counterparts, but they can be. If you’re looking for a less expensive solution to the need for more space, you can limit the amount of customization required to make it happen. Also, leasing or buying a used modular unit instead of a new one is an additional way to save money.

Constructing Modular Classrooms is Distracting

With schools open year-round, there’s never an ideal time to start a construction project. However, modular classrooms can be moved into place and made student-ready in far less time than traditional buildings. This means less time having to rearrange parking for the staff and less noise during the day to distract students while they’re trying to concentrate.

Portable Classrooms Aren’t Safe

People might think that because they’re mobile and the construction is done off-site, that portable classrooms aren’t as safe as regular classrooms. Nothing could be further from the truth. Built in a manufacturing facility by skilled workers, modular buildings are built to the same—or superior—standards as traditional buildings. Also, because they’re built and stored indoors, they aren’t subject to the kinds of problems that might plague traditional construction which has to deal with changing weather and environmental conditions.

portable storage containers long island ny

They Look Too Industrial

Modular buildings can appear practically any way you like. If you’re adding several to your campus, you can paint them different colors, adorn them with plants and flowers, and decorate the interiors just as you would any other classroom. Portable classrooms don’t have to look the way they do upon arrival. They can be customized to fit in with any school environment.

If you want to appreciate all the advantages portable classrooms have to offer, request a quote from Cassone or call (800) 947-1334. We’re the experts in modular buildings and portable storage containers in Long Island, NY, and we have just the trailer or portable classroom to suit your needs.