Concession Stands

Fall is in full swing, and soon, winter will be here, too. What's that mean? Sporting events, festivals, concerts, and shows are popping up everywhere. Where there are plenty of people, there are tons of food and beverages waiting to be served.

Of course, concession stands are necessary if you want to really make a special event truly spectacular, but how do you go about building a vending venue that's perfect for all seasons?

Cassone has your solution! Our mobile trailers are the perfect fit for your concession stand needs.

Highly Customizable

Are you looking for a concession stand that will accommodate your high-end rooftop soiree? Or are you looking for something more casual that will feed little leaguers lots of hot dogs after their big games?

In any case, our mobile trailers become perfectly customizable concession stands. We can add windows, shelving, and countertops to convert an everyday trailer into an outstanding vending venue.

Temporary or Permanent

If you're a school administrator, you may be looking for a concession stand that will permanently sit on your property, allowing you many years of happy visitors.

On the other hand, you may be planning to exhibit at a few festivals this season, only requiring concession stands on a temporary basis.

Rest assured, our mobile trailers are great for either case. They can easily be moved from place to place -- or removed permanently when you're finished with them. Because they're built with lasting materials, you can expect years of hardy wear and tear without any problems if you're searching for something that goes the extra mile.

Lease or Buy


Different situations require different budgets. We understand that! Cassone offers buy and lease options. We also proudly provide financing options to help you acquire your dream concession stands without breaking the bank with a single purchase.

Our financing options allow you to customize your concession stands in whatever way works best for you, be it a luxurious, high-end container filled with windows on all sides, or a simple place where you can serve up some great food and drinks from a single shelf.


Are you in the market for concession stands that will withstand the elements while keeping your employees and customers happy with tasty treats or delectable eats? Cassone Trailer & Container Co. has you covered! Check out our Wine Bar project, and reach out to us when you're ready to learn more!