In recent years, the versatility, practicality and freedom that tiny homes bring has become well known. In keeping with the times, many people today feel a need to be more mobile, and many are concerned with environmental conservation. Both of these interests make owning a tiny house an attractive and practical option.

Increasingly, individuals are becoming less focused on owning things and more concerned with downsizing and “owning the experience.” In fact, big houses are somewhat out of fashion. All in all, this is a terrific time to consider adding a tiny house to your life.

Creating Tiny Houses to Suit Your Dreams 

At Cassone, our many years of experience in the modular building and mobile office trailer business has placed us in a unique position to build tiny homes. We provide full-featured, custom tiny homes tailored to your specific needs. Our building techniques allow us to offer unique portable home designs at an affordable price, with excellent financing options.

What is Your Tiny House Style?

Cassone tiny homes come complete with the latest appliances, plus stylish, comfortable home furnishings, and luxury amenities not seen in the average tiny house. Your tiny home is built to last with traditional large-home features like 25-year shingle roofing. 

Our small houses are designed for safety, satisfying all building codes for portable living spaces. Moving on is never a problem, because our easy-to-maneuver tiny homes come complete with detachable hitches. Simply take your tiny house with you, anywhere you have in mind.

Advantages of Cassone Tiny Homes

Major benefits of joining the tiny house movement include:

  • Living sustainably: Our tiny houses require only a small fraction of the energy needed in a traditional house.
  • Exploring on a moment’s notice: Our portable abodes easily transport and accompany you on all your future adventures.
  • Downsizing elegantly: The tiny home lifestyle helps you rid your life of clutter and improves the flow of your life with everything in its place, flawlessly designed and multi-purpose.
  • Reflecting your style: We personalize your tiny house with your taste and priorities in mind.

Making Your Tiny House Dream Come True

Whether your tiny house is intended as an economical and comfortable vacation getaway or your new forever home, let the experts at Cassone supply just what you need. Our 450 square foot homes are available in a many styles and decor options.

No matter where you are, you’re always home, in...