Thinking of leasing a container? Then you're going to have to decide what kind of venting you'll require. A container is only acceptable if you have some way to circulate air so that your trailer is comfortable at all times. Also, a poorly vented trailer can lead to a buildup in moisture and the growth of mold, which can make the occupants sick. As you look around for modular storage containers in NYC, here are a few of your venting options.

1. Pre-Installed Container Vents

When renting or buying a container, it will come with a venting system built in. These are extremely simple. They're triple-screened to prevent insects from invading your space, and are completely passive. Usually your trailer will be outfitted with one vent on each side. They let flow air naturally in and out of the trailer, and allow for pressure changes when there's a quick change in the weather. They make it possible to remain comfortable when the weather is mild, but do little else.

2. Louvered Vents

If you want to increase air flow, you can add what are known as louvered vents. These can help create a nice breeze to cool the interior of the trailer. If you're using your rented trailer as an office, for example, and people are going to be spending a lot of time in there. Adding one louvered vent on each side of the trailer will help make the work space more habitable.


3. Turbine Vents

The little onion dome looking things that you see twirling on the top of people's houses are known as turbine vents. By allowing air to move into your trailer, then up and out through the turbine vent, moisture is kept to a minimum. While for the most part they keep moisture out, because they're located on the roof, there is the potential to allow moisture in during particularly snow or rainy days. If you notice snow starting to build up, it's important to remove the snow to prevent the buildup of moisture inside your trailer.

4. Heat/AC Units

If air flow is less of a concern than temperature control, you'll need a container outfitted with heat/AC unit. If you plan on inhabiting your vented storage container in NYC over the winter, then you have little choice but to get one with heat and AC. A 12,000 BTU will likely sustain a comfortable environment in a standard 40' container even in the middle of a miserable New York winter.

When renting your container, don't feel like you have to just live with the pre-installed vents it comes with. There are several options available to meet all kinds of needs. Feel free to contact Cassone Leasing Inc if you have further questions.