Constructing space for new or expanding businesses, additional office space or storage facilities bears environmental responsibilities and budgetary economics of sustainability, which cannot be overlooked in today’s economy. Keep reading to learn why the use of portable buildings not only makes sound financial sense, but portable buildings also offer a nice return on investment with eco-friendly construction and continuing workplace efficiency.

Portable Buildings Are Eco-Friendly

When the terms “green” and eco-friendly are mentioned with portable buildings, many people may think of high investment costs and reduced services. This simply is not the case with today’s portable building technologies.

New portable buildings have made great strides in greener construction and energy efficiency compared to portable buildings of previous years. Modern portable buildings are sealed tighter and provide sufficient insulation R-values to keep occupants comfortable and energy costs lower. Portable buildings may be heated and cooled quickly, and eco-friendly features, such as efficient generators, low-watt lighting and even solar power, further reduce operating costs. With sophisticated designs and sound construction, maintenance costs are also lower than ever before.

With sustainability and long-term operating costs a factor, portable buildings offer investment advantages to brick and mortar structures. Portable (and modular) buildings may be moved or disassembled and reconstructed to be reused in other projects and locations. They may even be resold to other businesses or recycled.

Eco-Friendly Construction

The construction and installation processes of portable buildings compared to brick and mortar should be considered when weighing eco-friendly solutions to serve your business’s needs. Off-site construction does not disrupt the day-to-day operations of businesses, and portable buildings are ready for occupancy at a substantially faster rate than undertaking new construction, retrofits or additions. The use of heavy equipment is substantially less, too, which results in a project’s successful completion with a much smaller carbon footprint.

Moreover, off-site construction may reduce materials waste by up to 90 percent. Precision manufacturing is efficient by nature, and makes the best use of materials, which is a stark contrast to waste containers on constructions sites full to the brim, or more, with so-called waste.

If you have any questions or would like more information how the use of portable buildings is an eco-friendly solution for your company’s needs, please call us or contact us online!